Who am I?

Born on the 14th of October 1989 in Rome I lived my first years between Rome and Berlin. During my time at the German school in Rome, I grew closer to the world of theatre, especially to scenography. This is the reason why after completing high school, I decided to explore a more technical approach to the set, directing my studies in architecture. After my bachelor’s degree at “La Sapienza” in Rome, I continued with an MA in architectural design at the University of “Roma Tre”. In the midst of my studies, I had the occasion to complete an internship at the Teatro dell’Opera of Rome, contributing to the realization of many important Operas. This experience allowed me to develop my passion for scenography and broaden my horizons through my exposure to technical skills, painting, sculptures, materials, mounting and carpentry. At the end of my MA, I moved on to completing a professional masters in set design at the “National School of Cinema” in Rome to bring myself closer to the world of film. During this masters, I also had the opportunity to familiarize myself with the fashion industry, leaving me amazed by how versatile and creative the field can be.

Note. “The study path chosen has given me further opportunity to pursue my interest in architecture, scenography, fashion, theatre, cinema, as well as developing my approach, attitude and skills in working with, and alongside others. I learnt that what diversifies the different environments, is one’s point view.
The ways one works on set can be very diverse, depending on wether one is interacting directly with a crowd, being filmed, or simply being shot on camera. This is exactly what I love about scenography – it’s versatility and the consideration behind it – not only the technical and cultural elements, but also the psychological and interprative ones as well. I have always been fascinated by the possibility to bring together architecture with arts and fashion as well as with any other type of initiative that considers a scenic design. I like the idea of surprising and impressing people by developing innovative, technological but also hand-crafted projects that have to do with forms in general. I think it is fundamental to express ideas with a personal, social and cultural identity that reflect the interest of the consumer through the intertwinement and union of various disciplines complementary to each other.